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Who is your competition?

Posted by Joe Chism on Oct 19th 2017

Have you noticed everyone that you buy from is also your competition? As we struggled to keeps a small store going. Making enough money to pay the rent is more like it. We noticed last year that all the so called distributors were on selling the product you just bought for about the same price as what you paid for it. I can name names, but what will this resolve. The days of loyal distribution are over. The Sale is on where ever they can get it.

The brick and mortar hobby shop owner has to sell a lot of R/C cars to cover the store rent. Typically there is nothing left for the employees. Hobby Shop owner and friend said; His biggest competition was Horizon Hobby. The place where he bought most of his Inventory.

If you own a hobby shop for any other reason besides the fact that you enjoy/love it. Then you probably not a happy puppy right now. Might better start doing a lot of repairs, except then the consumer does not think that the RC car that "you sold them" should not have burned out or blown up to begin with. Even though they did not read or hear you tell them not to run it HOT and continuously. This actually happened to me. This guy wanted me to pay for his engine that he blew up! Wow, I used to enjoy selling RC cars, airplanes and boats, even tanks. But it only takes a few of these customers per month to shake things up. Definitely take the fun out of it.

I would have been better off (as in less debt) to just buy all the fun stuff that I wanted. Instead of trying to sell it.

Don't turn your hobby into a business "they say".