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Hiteck Hobbies gives up Redcat Racing

Posted by Joe Chism on Feb 21st 2017

Consumers expect the Re-seller (store Owner) to deal with all issues created by Manufacturer. Manufacturer as well Distributors don't trust all Re-sellers due to some bad experiences. All said and done, Retailer is at the bad end of the stick. You are facing the end user the Buyer who is making demands. Consumer does not care who created or owns the issue. The consumer is the one that can last afford the problem. Not sure how far I was going to go then I realized we stopped selling Redcat Racing because we suspected them of selling on Amazon and other platforms under a different name. Then we finalized our decision after seeing them on You know the place that takes everything back. Ohh wait they only plan to sell them Online. You better believe WM was getting a better price then the Mom and Pop shop. Only to see Redcat Racing most popular truck in Best Buy a year later.

If you do not know or see it yet. The Distributors/Manufacturers are abandoning the little guy and going for the big name Retailers because they know they will be there at least a couple of more years. 

Yuneec name brand of drones made a visit to our store. I actually thought we would have a good relationship with them. We looked forward to buying more of Yuneec products and started to do repairs. Only to find out they had just made an agreement to sell at Best Buy stores Nationally. Ditto!